Oh  My God !!! ------What Just Happened?


I find myself on the curb, on the other side of the road - facing in the opposite direction of traffic.

I was so scared.  I saw my fate right then and there. It was 11:20 p.m. on my way home from work and this happened.  What am I talking about? I'm talking about skidding on black ice.

The evening was March 10, 2017 this is what I was faced with on that evening.  Well, I was driving [ I thought I was driving slow, but I guess not, I don't know, it all happened so fast ] and all of a sudden, in a split second I see myself spinning - not once but at least 3 times - I took my hands off the wheel, and prayed. [ oh, my God, oh, my God] I saw the telephone pole right in front of me,[ as you see how close this is in the picture is how close I saw it ] I could see myself going right through the windshield.--- I thought the car would crash right into it, but instead by the ground being slippery, the car side swiped the pole--- the car finally stopped spinning.

damage of accident.jpg

I sat in my vehicle trying to compose myself. I blinked my eyes thinking this was a very bad dream. IT WASN't.  After a few minutes I got out of my car and looked to see if there was any damage to my car,-- [ oh, you bet there was ]  [ I just got 1 estimate - $3,700]  the whole door panel will need to be changed.

While spinning in the car, I saw my life flash in front of me - oh, I will add that this was not the first time I've had an experience with black ice-- at least one other time-- the year was about 2005 --- I'll talk about that later.

So since this happened to me 2X - there must be some ANGEL up above protecting me.  I wonder why?  I'm here for a reason. 

This incident happened so fast, It's a miracle I'm here.  In a split second a life can change forever.  All I could think about were my children, [ I have two grown boys ]  

Did somebody hit me? I don't know, it happened too fast.  There were two people that saw the incident and they came to see if I was all right.  While walking across the street , the one man fell in the middle of the road. I asked him if he was all right. [ he was ]  he was worried about me. That night was really bad.  

All I could feel was something smashing into the side door [ BOOM ] It felt like the ride I used to go on when I was a child at the amuzement park [ bumper cars ] although this was not the bumper car. I thought the side door was going to come inside. 

The following day my co-worker asked me ' who hit me',--  I explained to him what happened. He said, I'm lucky I didn't get ejected from the seat and gone through the windshield.

Has anybody had this kind of experience?

Okay, getting back to the incident that happened in 2005, this happened while I was coming off a ramp on Route 1 in West Windsor. As I was getting off work, I was coming down a ramp, it happened too fast.  Any time you find yourself spinning on black ice--you have no idea what happened with me I closed my eyes and pray.   If it's meant for me to survive, I will. Let it take its course.  This happened to me 2X - there is a reason that MY ANGEL saved my life.

Ok - as I was coming down the ramp, I found myself on a curb almost in a ditch. If I had gone a few inches further, I would have been in that ditch. - I would have had to call someone to get me out of it.  I prayed that someone would see me and help me. Well, eventually someone did. They stood in the back and used their car to push me out.

Well, here I am writing this blog to share with you MY experience with black ice and to let you know there is a reason that I was saved.  My belief is that MY ANGEL knows what I want to accomplish in my life. Though I have accomplished a lot, but I am not finished.  I also want to  help children that are overweight.  So I feel that THIS IS THE REASON why I'm here. 

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