Six - Step Healthy Rescue Plan: How YOU Can Help Your Child

                        The Six = Step Healthy Rescue Plan will start you on the path to rescuing

the emotional life of an overweight child. Whenever you meet resistance or setbacks as you move

down this healthy path, keep this in mind.

                      Here are the six steps of the Rescue Plan:

     1.  Be a coach, instead of a judge.

     2. Go for the goal.

     3.  Recruit additional support.

     4.  Design a nutritional plan.

     5.  Organize an exercise effort.

     6.  Celebrate strengths.

                                                               STEP  1:


If your child is to embark on the goal of attaining a healthy lifestyle, she/he will have to view

you as a coach rather than a judge.  The first order of coaching is communication with your

overweight child.  You will need to be empathic and form an alliance with her/ him in order

to reach her/him effectively. Patience is an important characteristic to develop for weight

loss. Although it's always best for parents to communicate with their children, don't rule

out the assistance of other important adults.

                                                        STEP 2:


Setting realistic goals can be quite different for overweight children than it is for overweight

adults because children are at varying places in their growth and development.  If you

emphasize the process of healthy living, you can reward your child when he/ she invests time

in doing a certain amount of exercise each week or for staying on her/ his prescribed

nutritional plan. Emphasizing the process will prevent the child from feeling discouraged

during those times when the scale doesn't show weight loss.  

                                                 STEP 3:


Enlisting sibling support, while not always possible, is certainly worth the effort. A sibling

can make a real difference in an overweight child's self-confidence. A parent could have a

conversation with a brother or sister to encourage support. If your overweight child has close

friends, try to enlist their support as well. Friends who are also involved in a health plan can

supply the best kind of peer support.  

                                        STEP 4:


Many effective nutritional plans offer a variety of approaches to healthy eating Weight

Watchers has its own nutrition plan, as do Jenny Craig and other adolescent therapy groups.

Regular family mealtimes and balanced, nutritious meals for losing weight all have to be

incorporated into a healthy plan.  When you change your children's eating patterns, you

will undoubtedly need to change your cooking and family eating habits as well. Please

encourage it as this is a great way to get them involved in nutritious eating.

                                   can help your child in

developing ways to overcome.

                                              STEP 5:


Regular exercise works best if the whole family is involved, or if your children are involved

in organized sports. Encourage your children to exercise for at least 30 min to 1 hour a day.

                                               STEP 6:


You'll need to make a true commitment to building your child's self-esteem, fostering

her/ his school achievement, and inspiring her/ his interests and involvement.  Children are 

desperate for their parent's reassurance in a world that fiercely rejects them because they 

are overweight. Although we would all like to change our society to be more empathic 

toward and tolerant of those who are overweight, our first priority is our children's good

health, and that will result in a more accepting world for our children.



UNTIL THEN......................................................





Oh  My God !!! ------What Just Happened?


I find myself on the curb, on the other side of the road - facing in the opposite direction of traffic.

I was so scared.  I saw my fate right then and there. It was 11:20 p.m. on my way home from work and this happened.  What am I talking about? I'm talking about skidding on black ice.

The evening was March 10, 2017 this is what I was faced with on that evening.  Well, I was driving [ I thought I was driving slow, but I guess not, I don't know, it all happened so fast ] and all of a sudden, in a split second I see myself spinning - not once but at least 3 times - I took my hands off the wheel, and prayed. [ oh, my God, oh, my God] I saw the telephone pole right in front of me,[ as you see how close this is in the picture is how close I saw it ] I could see myself going right through the windshield.--- I thought the car would crash right into it, but instead by the ground being slippery, the car side swiped the pole--- the car finally stopped spinning.

damage of accident.jpg

I sat in my vehicle trying to compose myself. I blinked my eyes thinking this was a very bad dream. IT WASN't.  After a few minutes I got out of my car and looked to see if there was any damage to my car,-- [ oh, you bet there was ]  [ I just got 1 estimate - $3,700]  the whole door panel will need to be changed.

While spinning in the car, I saw my life flash in front of me - oh, I will add that this was not the first time I've had an experience with black ice-- at least one other time-- the year was about 2005 --- I'll talk about that later.

So since this happened to me 2X - there must be some ANGEL up above protecting me.  I wonder why?  I'm here for a reason. 

This incident happened so fast, It's a miracle I'm here.  In a split second a life can change forever.  All I could think about were my children, [ I have two grown boys ]  

Did somebody hit me? I don't know, it happened too fast.  There were two people that saw the incident and they came to see if I was all right.  While walking across the street , the one man fell in the middle of the road. I asked him if he was all right. [ he was ]  he was worried about me. That night was really bad.  

All I could feel was something smashing into the side door [ BOOM ] It felt like the ride I used to go on when I was a child at the amuzement park [ bumper cars ] although this was not the bumper car. I thought the side door was going to come inside. 

The following day my co-worker asked me ' who hit me',--  I explained to him what happened. He said, I'm lucky I didn't get ejected from the seat and gone through the windshield.

Has anybody had this kind of experience?

Okay, getting back to the incident that happened in 2005, this happened while I was coming off a ramp on Route 1 in West Windsor. As I was getting off work, I was coming down a ramp, it happened too fast.  Any time you find yourself spinning on black ice--you have no idea what happened with me I closed my eyes and pray.   If it's meant for me to survive, I will. Let it take its course.  This happened to me 2X - there is a reason that MY ANGEL saved my life.

Ok - as I was coming down the ramp, I found myself on a curb almost in a ditch. If I had gone a few inches further, I would have been in that ditch. - I would have had to call someone to get me out of it.  I prayed that someone would see me and help me. Well, eventually someone did. They stood in the back and used their car to push me out.

Well, here I am writing this blog to share with you MY experience with black ice and to let you know there is a reason that I was saved.  My belief is that MY ANGEL knows what I want to accomplish in my life. Though I have accomplished a lot, but I am not finished.  I also want to  help children that are overweight.  So I feel that THIS IS THE REASON why I'm here. 

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Until later............................

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