Randi Silverman, CLWMS, CPFT, CNC

Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach,  Degree in Healthcare Science

Randi Silverman, CLWMS,  CPFT, CNC is a Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist, Certified Nutrition Coach, and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, and has a Degree in Healthcare Science. 



Here is MY story......................

I was an overweight kid and suffered all the pain associated with growing up fat. We were always told ' you need to lose weight' and at school, there was constant bullying from kids.

As you know, school kids can sometimes be mercilessly cruel to their peers. But it wasn't just them, even teachers made me feel as though I was not good enough because I couldn't run fast or do the drills as well as the OTHER KIDS. As a matter of fact, one of my peers once called me " alligator meat " because I couldn't do a sit-up.

I gained and lost weight all through my youth. You'd think with all that focus and suffering around my weight it would ensure that I'd end up thin----- but with kids, just the opposite is true.

The more you make children feel shame or guilt around food, the worse the problem becomes. Children don't want to be fat, but when he/she becomes hormonally imbalanced, his/her body craves food all day long; and no matter how young or  old you are, it's nearly impossible to fight off your body's cravings long term.

As is often the case, my childhood weight problem resurfaced in my adult life. It became the central issue in my life, that's why I have a passion for helping children. Although obesity can affect children, ADULTS are also to be the focus. Children seem to emulate their parents.  So, to sum up,  EVERYBODY needs to get healthy.


I lost over 20-25 lbs. and have kept it off without struggle ever since. All this happened when I learned to look at my health as a serious threat on my life, not as a math equation------ and this is the best way to approach our child's weight problem right now.

Do your kids need to eat less sugar? Yes, of course.

Do your kids need to cut back on video games and watch less TV? Yes, for sure.

But remember, the parents of thin kids struggle with those exact same issues.......... so what are they doing differently? Up until recently, I thought it was genetic or just bad luck.  These factors are things that you have control over, THINGS YOU CAN CHANGE. WITH PROPER  KNOWLEDGE  and a commitment to a " whole child " approach, you can raise healthy   kids for life. 

MY EXPERIENCE...............

I have been in the healthcare industry for many years. During that time, I  coached people in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, fitness and nutrition guidance strategies.  I also combined the principles of both fitness and nutrition when helping clients.

For the nutrition portion, I reviewed the client's current eating habits and wellness goals, such as losing weight, treating a disease or preventing future health issues. With that information, I put together a meal plans and educated the client on proper nutrition and choosing foods that help treat and prevent certain diseases and conditions the client had.

On the fitness portion. I'd work out a plan that combines cardiovascular, strength and flexibility, depending on the client's needs. With this, I would educate the client what foods to eat before and after a workout. Our body's become very adapted very easily and change is hard to see.