Lifestyle & Weight Mgmt. Specialist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach ' one child at a time '





               DETAILS OF MY PROGRAM:

Randis Nutrition Corner  is designed to coach,educate,guide, mentor, motivate, encourage children. This program is supported by evidence-based research { National Institute of Health}. Increasing prevalence of childhood obesity around the world is a major public health concern. If current trends continue, the number of overweight/ or obese young children will increase to 70 MILLION by 2025. 

It has become apparent that early children's eating habits and television viewing time are among the most identifiable factors contributing to the early onset of childhood obesity. 

Providing parents with evidence based advice and recommendations can improve parental knowledge and practice regarding obesity prevention.

Incorporating physical activity in a structured curriculum was reported as a positive result with hands-on-training.

Acknowledging that parents' play a critical role in obesity prevention by being involved in a mentor program where both child and parent can achieve results. Utilizing nutrition education theories described the design of a digital - based nutrition guidance system targeted to prevent obesity also by using a multicomponent system consisting of substantiated content, tools, telephone - based professional support via the internet, e-mail, text messages, focusing on educational modules addressing the factors associated with childhood obesity. { NCBI. NIH/ 2016}

Studies have shown positive results.

UNIQUE FEATURES OF MY PROGRAM:  you have the option of staying in the comfort of your own home. Discussions are held through e-mail, phone, google hang-outs, texting.